As spring approaches and with the return of fine weather, schedule an educational day for you and your students to discover Falaise. From medieval history to that of the Battle of Normandy, choose from the three ideas for days offered by our Groups service.

Idea for day 1: Discovering Falaise in the Middle Ages

  • Day from €9,50 per student

Medieval city with an exceptional heritage, birthplace of William the Conqueror, Falaise offers many possibilities to discover medieval history in the open air. In the shadow of its ramparts and dungeons, offer your students a real fun and educational immersion in what was the residence of the greatest Norman lords.

Guided tour of the Guillaume-le-Conquérant castle

Embark with your students on a round trip to the Middle Ages by visiting THE Norman medieval site par excellence! The mediators of William the Conqueror castle tell you, through the history of the place and the great figures who occupied it, the daily life in a fortified castle.

Guided tour of the medieval town of Falaise

Departing from the Tourist Office, Jérémy, our guide with a passion for medieval history, will take you on a discovery of Falaise in the Middle Ages. Specially designed for schoolchildren, this interactive visit combines local stories, anecdotes and observation games through the various sites of the city.

Idea for day 2: Falaise, a Norman town in turmoil

  • Day from €10,50 per student

Terre de Mémoire, the Falaise – Suisse Normande destination offers your students a first approach to the troubled period of the Occupation. This day of visits makes it possible to approach in particular the daily life of the civilian populations; and the fighting in the Falaise Pocket – Chambois, the high point of the Battle of Normandy. Thanks to adapted educational tools and specialized speakers, the theme of the Second World War becomes accessible to the youngest.

Guided tour of Falaise: from the Occupation to the Liberation

From the Tourist Office, Jérémy, our guide, retraces with you the history of Falaise throughout the duration of the Second World War. Adapted to schoolchildren, during this visit it addresses the different stages of the conflict: the Occupation, the Liberation, but also the Reconstruction since the city was approximately 80% destroyed.

Guided tour of the Falaise Memorial – The Civil War

Emmanuel Thiébot, historian and head of Falaise Memorial – The Civil War, introduces you to the only museum entirely dedicated to the fate of civilians during the Second World War. What is the daily life of populations in times of war? How do we live under the Occupation, the bombardments, the exodus? Your students will come out of the museum with the answers to questions that were rarely asked before.

Idea for day 3: Cliff, between dream and reality

  • Day from €13 per student

Immerse your students in the wonderful atmosphere of fairy tales! Immerse yourself in the bewitching and mysterious universe of a medieval tale at the Château de Falaise; and then immerse yourself in the Paris of the 1920s and 1950s by strolling in front of the windows of the Musée des Automates.

Storytelling visit to the Château Guillaume-le-Conquérant

Discover the castle of Falaise through the tale of your choice: "The Story of the Golden Heart Knight" or "The Bravery of the Troubadour". Ready to time travel? The storyteller puts on his hat, opens the book and takes you with him to the Middle Ages for an exceptional adventure!

Workshop and visit of the Museum of Automata

The Falaise Automata Museum offers, for schoolchildren, a discovery of its collection with the help of an educational support. Complete your visit with a workshop on one of the following themes:

  • Movement (CP, CE1, CE2)
  • Mechanics and its setting in motion (CM1, CM2)

Our tip

For a picnic or a hot snack, our Tourist Office provides schools with a fully equipped room: the Pedro Martin room.

PeriodAll year
Room rental option25€ per establishment
Accompanying personsfree

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