In a rural setting between Falaise and La Hoguette, less than 30 minutes from Caen, discover Saffron and Yuzu de Normandie®.

Saffron, yuzu… Amazing crops in Normandy

Saffron, a rare and precious spice

Annie and Pascal Guérard welcome you to their organic saffron farm, in a bucolic countryside, to tell you all the secrets of growing this rare and precious spice.

Every day, by reservation, the producers offer you a free visit to their plantation followed by a saffron tasting.

Yuzu, a trendy citrus fruit

On site, also discover the other activity of the two producers: a plantation of Yuzu, a sour citrus fruit usually grown in East Asia. A culture that does not go unnoticed in our Normandy usually used to orchards and flax fields!

Producer direct sale

Take advantage of your visit to the farm to do your shopping: Annie and Pascal offer for sale a wide range of products derived from saffron and yuzu, as well as many aromatic plants and fruits and vegetables.

Come to the farm

Saffron and Yuzu from Normandy
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