Want a break in the great outdoors? Take a deep breath in Suisse Normande and come explore the oldest mountains in Europe… in Normandy! Hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, paragliding...: Suisse Normande offers you a multitude of activities to practice alone, with family or even with friends.

Why Suisse Normande?

Vestiges of the Massif Armoricain, once the highest mountains in Europe, its landscapes have been naturally shaped by water and geology. Its rugged terrain contrasts with the rest of Normandy and has earned it comparison with Switzerland.

AAppeared in the 1900th century, this name became popular from the XNUMXs thanks to the development of tourism driven by the creation of railway lines, particularly to the spa resort of Cars of Orne.

Pont-d'Ouilly, La Roche d'Oëtre and Clécy: amazing landscapes in the heart of Normandy

À a few kilometers from shore to landing, Caen, the Norman capital, and Falaise, birthplace of William the Conqueror, the Suisse Normande reaches out to you for a guaranteed change of scenery!

Lhe Suisse Normande is a true corner of paradise offering a diversity of astonishing and preserved landscapes, forged over millennia by time and rivers. A source of inspiration for the Norman Impressionists, colors and landscapes intermingle in all seasons and time seems to stop to give way to contemplation.

Rgo to one of the emblematic sites: the Roche d'Oëtre and its vertiginous gorges ; Clécy, village of character with the famous viaduct ; or Pont-d'Ouilly, capital of water sports. On site, take advantage of all the useful services and access to countless activities!

Tourist map of Suisse Normande

Sfollow the tourist route of Suisse Normande and admire its impressive landscapes and panoramas along the way. From Pain de Sucre or Rochers des Parcs in Calvados, to Roche d'Oëtre or Lake Rabodanges in Orne, this itinerary takes you to discover places not to be missed in the region!

Télécharger la carte touristique de la Suisse Normande, entre e Calvados et l'Orne.
Tourist map of Suisse Normande

Suisse Normande: a paradise for hiking and outdoor activities

Aalternating between bocage and forest, punctuated by steep rocky massifs overlooking multiple waterways, Suisse Normande offers an ideal setting for all lovers of outdoor activities.

An the heart of its protected spaces, each path, watercourse or rock is a call to adventure! Winding from mountains to valleys, from tumultuous rivers to typical villages, in Suisse Normande, the slightest turn conceals a surprise...

GR® Tour of the Suisse Normande

Elected "GR® favorite of the French in 2023, the GR® Tour de la Suisse Normande allows you to discover the most emblematic sites of the destination via a 113 km loop divided into 6 stages.
→ Discover the circuit!

Hiking in Suisse Normande

Here, hiking is king and is available for all practices and for all levels. On foot, by bike, by mountain bike and even on horseback, kilometers of marked trails await you.

En Normandy Switzerland, water is omnipresent and has patiently shaped the rock. Embark in a canoe and let yourself be carried by the current to a discovery of the Orne valley. Follow the river and its meanders, its sumptuous landscapes and its melancholic remains, witnesses of past industrial activity.

Exercising in Normandy Switzerland

Other desires? Many other activities are possible: tree climbing, angling, paragliding, geocaching...