The group “Le Réseau des Pros de l’Office de Tourisme Falaise-Suisse Normande” is a Facebook group for tourism professionals in the Falaise – Suisse Normande destination.

This group aims to create links and become a real place of constructive exchanges and positive interactions between tourism professionals.



“The Pays de Falaise Tourist Office Professionals Network” is a private and closed Facebook group created by the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office on 1er April 2021.

This group is a place of sharing and exchange with a professional vocation.

His goal is to :

  • promote interactions and strengthen the link between the partners of the tourist office
  • federate our actions around a common interest: the enhancement and development of the “Falaise – Suisse Normande” destination and its network.
  • transmit any useful information within the framework of the actions of the Tourist Office
  • share good practices and experiences between professionals

Rules of operation

Administration and moderation

The Pays de Falaise Tourist Office is the sole administrator and moderator of this group.

The Tourist Office reserves the right to moderate/delete any message and to temporarily or permanently exclude any member who does not comply with the conditions of this charter.


Registration is reserved for the professional accounts of partner members of the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office (who have subscribed to a membership for the current year).
Registration is limited to one account per structure, unless specifically requested by the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office.

Any member is free to leave the group at any time.


The group “The network of Pros of the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office” is a private group.

As such, only group members can:

  • Read group posts
  • Post posts
  • See members belonging to the group

By its very nature, the group wants to be a place ofprofessional exchange and the publications proposed therein must therefore correspond to this expectation.

In order not to distort the exchanges, members wishing to propose messages of an advertising nature must request prior authorization from the administrator.

In general, the attitude of the members of the group must correspond to the charter of good conduct presented in this document.


The members of the group undertake not to distribute outside the group the publications and exchanges specific to it.

However, they admit that the private nature of the group does not guarantee the strict confidentiality of the information shared there. Consequently, group members are strongly advised to avoid sharing any confidential information concerning them personally or their structure.

They assume responsibility for the information they disseminate on the group without the administrator being held responsible for it.

Bonnelles Nature Reserve

The members of the group undertake to exercise discretion and reserve both with regard to the content disseminated and the personnel, structures and elected officials.

Charter of good conduct

This discussion group aims to be friendly and respectful of the elementary rules of good conduct and of the law.

This professional group being supported by a social network, its members undertake to respect the values ​​of benevolence, solidarity, exchange, openness and respect in order to contribute to the enrichment of the discussions and experiences of each one.

In this context, the members undertake in particular to:

  • Post useful content to the group
  • Do not use shared information or documents without the consent of their owner
  • Do not engage in disrespectful, aggressive, or discriminatory behavior
  • Do not publish content of a political, controversial, pornographic nature or that undermines the integrity of people
  • Do not post illegal, defamatory, racist, or homophobic content
  • Alert the Tourist Office in the event of a derogation from the group rules by another member

By agreeing to join the group "The network of Professionals of the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office" I acknowledge having read this operating charter and undertake to respect it.