Distance: 11.2 km
Duration: 03h


Your itinerary


Step 1

Church car park. Exit the car park on the left and follow the pavement while skirting the church. At the town hall, leave the D 6 on the right and take the street opposite. Reach the district known as the “Pile meadow”. Follow this street for about 500 m then take the first path on the left to reach the hamlet of Torp.

Step 2

Follow the road for about 400m. Cross the D 240 to take the path opposite. Progress while leaving the paths on the left and the right (700 m). Join the D 237 while turning right and immediately left.

Step 3

Follow this wide path alongside the nurseries for about 1 km. A hundred meters before the junction with the D 242, turn left to walk along a hedge of conifers on the right until you reach the D.6.

Step 4

Cross it with caution. Continue on the left then go around the white pavilion while taking the tarmacked road on your right. Follow this path for about 1km. At the intersection, continue left for 300 m then at a fork turn right.

Step 5

Take the first path on the right. Progress in the heart of a plain landscape. Pass a first crossing and at the second turn left. Go down to the hamlet of Les Prévostières.

Step 6

Turn right and immediately left. At the stop sign turn right. Take the first path on the left and enter the woods.

Step 7

Take the path to the left opposite the entrance to the abbey pond as far as the D 240. Go along this road on the right. Take the first street on your left. Retrace your steps. At the fork turn right and head towards the village. Take the first left to return to the starting point.