Museum of Vieux-la-Romaine, 14930 VIEUX

“Embark with your Greek heroes” captures the mythology that still rocks our childhoods today with its great stories.

This exhibition offers children from 3 years old and older children the opportunity to discover and experience the great epics of Theseus facing the Minotaur, of Jason and the Argonauts conquering the Golden Fleece and of the famous Ulysses facing countless dangers on his return to Ithaca after the Trojan War…

Theseus, Jason and Ulysses... three heroes of Greco-Roman antiquity to rediscover at the heart of this exhibition, whose exploits have been the dream of young and old for thousands of years! Three heroes facing the obstacles of the sea, facing numerous dangers and monsters of all kinds... a whole imagination from mythology.

After listening to and discovering these three great myths, visitors in turn become heroes and enter into an immersive space which invites you to experience, alongside Theseus, Jason and Ulysses, the major stages of their epics.

This exhibition made up of stories to see, hear and experience is designed for everyone with adaptations for children aged 3 and over.

Exhibition designed in partnership with Bazarnaom.


From April 15 to November 03
Monday Opens at 14 p.m.
Tuesday Opens at 14 p.m.
Wednesday Opens at 14 p.m.
Thursday Opens at 14 p.m.
Friday Opens at 14 p.m.
Saturday Opens at 14 p.m.
Sunday Opens at 14 p.m.