To June 30, 2024


Cultural Space of the Falaise Hospital, 14700 FALAISE

Born in Normandy where I have spent my entire life, I have always been interested in photography, and, since my retirement, I have decided to practice this art more seriously.

So I am a self-taught amateur photographer. Being a nature lover, my favorite subjects are flowers, landscapes and the vast animal world.

Hence the insects, which take a privileged place in my photos. In fact, most were taken from my garden, grown without chemicals, thus promoting the presence of rich biodiversity.
Going to meet this small world that is often overlooked, and discovering their usefulness on our planet, allows us to better understand and respect the fragile nature that surrounds us.

I learned to develop and sharpen my photographic eye to find a subject that touches me, challenges me, thus allowing me to transcribe a feeling, an emotion...
Photography is an exciting world for me, which enriches my knowledge day by day. It also allows me to capture what the human eye cannot always see, to develop my sense of observation, and to cultivate
patience, an essential quality to finally capture the magical moment...

As a nature photographer, I also like to work in a more contemporary way as shown by the special effects created on some of my photos.

Photography is learning to look, and I am happy and honored to be able to share this look with you today.


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