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In order to better welcome you to the Falaise – Suisse Normande Tourist Office, Mary Tuytten has joined our team as a travel advisor! While waiting to meet her in our offices in Falaise and Pont-d'Ouilly, we invite you to get to know her in a few lines.

Mary, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

  • I am 23 years old and I live in Eraines, a neighboring town of Falaise.
  • I obtained a literary baccalaureate at Lycée Guillaume Le Conquérant (formerly Lycée Louis Liard).
  • I then turned to the equivalent of a BTS Tourism in a private structure in Lisieux, Aden Formation, where I completed the training "Manager of a business unit specializing in Tourism", obtained in June 2020 after 2 years of studies. I had also done one of my internships here, at the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office.
  • In parallel with my studies, I started working in fast food, and I stayed there for 4 years.

What was your main motivation for becoming a travel advisor at the Tourist Office?

  • My main motivation is the permanent contact with visitors, the thirst to learn new things but also the opportunity to (re)discover our vast territory.

You joined the team a few weeks ago, do you already have an anecdote about your work to tell us?

  • I do have a little anecdote about my first days at the Tourist Office. I apparently have a nice, well-pronounced Norman accent since several visitors have already complimented me on this subject. To be honest with you, I was quite surprised by this news since I didn't know I had an accent!