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Lovers of history and beautiful stones or families looking for a walkare suitable for all ages, we have tested the Circuit des Remparts de Falaise for you! Between city and countryside,his walk will guide you through the corridors of time to discover the rich medieval heritage of our city.

Discovering the medieval town of Falaise

Cliff, Calvados – Normandy – Statue of William the Conqueror ©Anibas Photography

Hiking shoes on our feet and a water bottle in our backpack, we are ready to fight. After a visit to the Tourist Office to collect our printed version of the circuit, we are ready for departure.

The Val d'Ante district

Let's go ! We leave Place Guillaume-le-Conquérant and its emblematic statue of the Duke who became King of England towards the town hall. A path, accessible from behind the town hall, takes us straight to the Fountain of Arlette, in the heart of the historic district of Val d'Ante.

Mount Myrrha

Since the weather is nice and we are equipped for it, we opt for the nature variant of the circuit. This allows us to discover natural spaces close to the city center and extends the walk by less than 1 km. First detour: the Mount Myrrha, a rocky promontory offering a breathtaking view of the fortifications beautiful Medieval city !

The fortified enclosure

A quick look at the step by step of our circuit. Small streets with picturesque charm lead us quietly to the lake, a paradise for fishermen. At the top of the rue des Herforts awaits us the Cordeliers Gate, the best preserved of the six defense gates that once existed. But before the ascent, a short stop in front of the magnificent weeping willows that overhang the water is a must.

We cross the avenue d'Hastings, the main artery of the city center, then take the chemin des Oliviers to get to theSaint-Laurent Church. At the bend of this wooded path, we come across horses, goats, geese and other four-legged friends. A real treat for children!

Cliff, Calvados – Normandy – Chemin des Oliviers ©Anibas Photography

Two possibilities are now open to us. We can cross the Parc de la Fresnaye and enjoy its large green spaces. We prefer this time to return to the city center by the Saint-Laurent coast, in order to admire the remains of the old door Lecomte. In this former suburb, the last half-timbered houses inherited from medieval times remain.

Falaise, Calvados – Normandy – Half-timbered house on the Saint-Laurent coast ©Anibas Photography

Once at the top of the Saint-Laurent side, we take a moment to admire the imposing Church of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais, a real architectural treasure.

The city center

We cross the shopping alleys of the city center and take the opportunity to admire the windows of the pretty shops of Falaise. And now it's time to take a well-deserved break on the terrace. The merry-go-round and water jets on Place Belle-Croix delight young and old alike. A sunny interlude that feels good after this beautiful walk!

It is now time to return to our vehicle, parked at Place Guillaume-le-Conquérant. Something to admire one last time the magnificent and astonishing Holy Trinity Church and finish this walk on the Circuit des Remparts in style. A beautiful afternoon in Falaise is coming to an end!



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