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Do you want to discover the Suisse Normande in a different way? Take advantage of an exceptional offer at the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office: a canoe-kayak descent or access to the Orne Aventure tree-climbing park at the single price of €16 per person.

Billetterie Pont d'Ouilly Loisirs

16 € per person

For a canoe-kayak descent of 13 km from the base of Pont d'Ouilly Loisirs or for access to all the courses of the Orne Aventure tree climbing park.
* Tickets sold exclusively at the Falaise Tourist Office

Journée nature, descente de l'orne en canoë kayak

From the base of Pont d'Ouilly Loisirs, throw yourself into the water with a canoe-kayak descent on the Orne. The 13 km route will take you straight to Clécy, in the heart of Swiss Normandy.

And for those who prefer to take to the skies, opt instead for a moment at Orne Aventure tree climbing park, on the preserved natural site of Roche d'Oetre !